What is Gallery Night Providence?

    Debra Folz, Contemporary Fiber Artist
    Installation of Braided Process
    at Bert Gallery at Corliss Landing


    See what’s new this month!

    Photo : GRIN Gallery


    Gallery Night goers learn
    about glass crafting at Studio Hop
    Photo by Eric Gould


    How to do Gallery Night Providence!


Every third Thursday of the month, from March to November, galleries across Providence, Rhode Island open their doors.  This free event, which celebrates art ranging from contemporary multi-media installations to one-of-a-kind functional artworks, is called Gallery Night Providence.

 Starting with nine determined galleries in 1996, Gallery Night Providence has grown into a regional visual arts extravaganza. Art buses travel the neighborhoods of Providence letting people on and off at galleries, museums and historic sites. Over 10,000 people each year enjoy exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, live music and performances. The 18-year old organization works to introduce and develop relationships between local creative communities, new and old. Take a guided tour or visit the galleries on your own. Enjoy wine and cheese, listen to music and experience the wonderful art Providence has to offer.


How to!

How to do Gallery Night? Start from Regency Plaza at One Regency Plaza and traveling to 24 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites. Guided tours begin at 5:20 and leave every 20 minutes. The final artbus of the evening leaves at 7pm. Whether you take one of our free bus tours , drive, bike or walk – you’re bound to have a wonderful art-filled evening!


Theme-dedicated bus tours leave at 5:20, 5:40, 6:00, 6:20, 6:40, and 7:00 pm. Tours stop at approximately 4 galleries each and run about 2 hours. Parking is free at our central location at One Regency Plaza


Stop at our information center at One Regency Plaza and learn about the evening’s exhibitions. Choose the exhibits that interest you the most and drive directly to the galleries of your choice.


Park free at any one of the many parking lots situated conveniently throughout the city and stroll from gallery to gallery, enjoying the Providence skyline and the historic city streets. Use the brochure maps to discover all the artistic amenities within walking distance.





Please join us on August 21, 2014 5 to 9pm, as our 18th season continues!



Support a Living Artist!

VOTE FOR ART: Gallery Night Providence is excited to introduce our latest initiative, the “Vote for Art” program. The “Vote for Art” program is a contest that awards cash prizes to living, contemporary artists exhibiting at any one of the twenty-four Gallery Night venues.


Three Months of VOTING – One Artist Per Month!

This program will run from August through October of 2014. Each of these months, Gallery Night venues will select up to 10 pieces of art to enter into the “Vote for Art” competition. The public will then be able to vote, both online and in person, for their favorite artwork. One winner will be selected per month, with prizes awarded on the following Gallery Night.

Sustaining the CREATIVE Capitol

The “Vote for Art” prize seeks to build on the foundation of cultural tourism in Providence that Gallery Night continues to build and support, drawing visitors from all over the world and celebrating our local and international arts community.


 Long Range Plan

We are thrilled to bring this contest to our community and anticipate expanding our vision in the years to come!




Gallery Night Providence Tours start from the Regency Plaza at One Regency Plaza and travel to 24 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites. Guided tours begin at 5:20 and leave every 20 minutes. The final artbus of the evening leaves at 7pm.


Please join us in welcoming these new galleries to our organization this year:
Adirah, ArtProv, Cate Charles Gallery, and Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame!

Enjoy being guided through the Creative Capitol!



 Susan Bennett, painter
Ricky Gagnon, painter and director of the New Hope Gallery at the Thomas C. Slater Training School
Russell Ricci, collector
Walter Silvia, children’s book illustrator and craftsman



Meet everyday art lovers who love to collect.

August 21 – Celebrity Guide – Russell Ricci

Surrounding themselves with the art they love, collectors dive in head first, visiting galleries and artists’ studios. Listen as they tell stories of their collecting adventures and personal discoveries. Catch their enthusiasm about the art they discover and the artists they meet.  Start your own collection – Gallery Night will give you a small print by Rhode Island artist William Schaff for free. Russell Ricci will be leading the collector’s tour.

Start your own collection – Gallery Night goers attending the Collector’s Tour will receive a small print
by Rhode Island artist Will Schaff for free.

Painting Rebroke My Hands by Will Schaff

Will Schaff - I Rebroke My Hands - This month's Collectors' Print


What’s New on the Walls this Month

Northeast Collaborative Architects (AIAri)

Honoring The Arts in RI at The Fleur De Lys
(Anthony Tomaselli : Painter)

 Fiber Works  (ArtProv Gallery)

“Clay Paintings by Kate Champa”
(Bank RI Gallery)

Going Nowhere: Alumni Artists in Providence
(David Winton Bell Gallery)

  “Images of Newport Festivals” photographs by Richard McGaffrey
(Dryden Gallery)

 Marjorie Ball, Kenneth MacDonald, & Robin Halpren-Ruder
(Galleries of the Providence Art Club)

 La Strada & Metropolis  (Gallery Z/Studio Z)

 “This land is”   Samuel Denoncour  (GRIN)

European Landscapes  (Joan McConaghy : Painter)

 From Peshawar to Providence..Function to Fashion
(The Peaceable Kingdom)

 Ancient Egyptian, Asian, and Costume and Textiles Galleries
(The RISD Museum of Art)

(Sandra DeSano Pezzullo / DeSano Studio Fine Art)

 John Irwin  (Studio Hop)

 Three Fabric Exhibits  (URI)

Closed for July 17 Gallery Night

Chazan Gallery, Krause Gallery, Galleries of the Providence Art Club, Providence College Galleries, Royal Gallery


With twenty four galleries opening their doors each month, there is so much to see!

Contemporary, traditional, artisan or museum! We’ve got it all. Take a peek at our members to get a taste for what we offer!

Celebrity Guides

Gallery Night offers free, carefully curated guided tours every third Thursday from March to November.

Special guests guiding this month’s tours!

  • celeb_RussellRicci2

    Russell Ricci leads 6:20 Collectors’ Tour

    As a huge follower of the Providence music scene, Russell often found himself in the presence of not only cutting edge musicians but many visual artists as well.  It was in the 1980’s when a favorite haunt “Rocket” had a fundraising auction called “Artists Against AIDS”, where he first encountered art that was affordable, and so his collection began.

    Since then, Russell’s collection has grown to include works by Edna Lawrence, Edna Martin, Ann Korb Henry, Jessica Rosner, Mark Perry, Kathy Hodge, Mark Freeman, Vicky Wolf, and Michael Davis to name a few.

  • celeb_SusanBennet2

    Susan Bennet leads 5:20 Celebrity Tour

    Susan is an Artist/Painter in Providence, RI. She received her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.

    She began her career as a fashion designer working in Boston and NY.

    After rising to the position of Director of Design, she decided it was time for a change. Susan started her own decorative painting company, designing murals and painted finishes for clients such as Pepsi Corp, Hasbro Transformer Ball, Karta Bar and the Bank of RI executive offices.

    Based on this love of painting, she started producing her own personal paintings. Susan’s work has been shown in San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta and various galleries in the Rhode Island area. Her paintings have been featured in Catapult Art Magazine.

    You can see a variety of her work at :




  • celeb_waltersilva2

    Walter Silva leads 5:40 Contemporary Celebrity Art and Artisan Tour

    After having worked as an assistant to some successful artist(s) and working for a BIG toy maker and a children’s giftware company, Walter Silva realized a dissatisfaction in making objects and designs for someone else. This realization led him to fabricate his own designs and market them online, taking charge of what he wants to make and finding his own visual voice.

    Walters’s passion for European illustrators, Mexican folk art, grids, quilt patterns, and vintage toys are what fuel his ideas. He also likes making mature art for adults, like collages, day of the dead items, and sculptures.

    “My love for Art since I can remember stems from my fascination with Vintage Fisher Price Pull Toys? The Illustrations prints mounted onto those wood substrates are a delight to the eye! My collection makes me smile… I suspect this fascination is what inspired me to illustrate and decoupage.”

  • celeb_RickyGagnon

    Ricky Gagnon leads 6:00 Contemporary Celebrity Tour

    Native Rhode Islander Ricky Gagnon is a self-taught artist who has been creating since his childhood, working in every medium available to him. He studied mechanical drawing and architecture at Toll Gate High School and the Community College of Rhode Island as well as taking ceramic, weaving and painting classes during this time.

    “In 1998 I began to focus on my painting when I purchased a beach house in Riverside, RI near the old Crescent Amusement Park. That started a ten-year rehab project to restore the house to a 1950′s to 1960′s retro look. I decorated the house with furniture and collectibles from the same era. I created amusement park-themed pieces of art for every room. My house looks like a fun house gift shop, crossed with Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” museum and a Christmas light display.”

    Since 2008, Ricky has been showing his work in many New England galleries, juried shows, and has won a variety of awards. Ricky is also the Director and Curator of The New Hope Art Gallery at the Thomas C. Slater Training School, located in the Youth Development Center in Cranston, RI. The mission of the gallery is to provide inspiring 2D and 3D artwork of all styles, from local artists, to the residents of the training school and the community.


  • president


    Dalila Alves, a veteran member of Gallery Night Providence, joins us as President for the 2014 season.



    Ida Schmulowitz is a painter based in Providence, Rhode Island who creates large scale paintings of urban landscapes.

  • secretary


    Deborah Clemons is the assistant educator of public programs at the RISD Museum

  • uri_steven


    Steven Pennell is the URI Providence Campus Coordinator of Urban Arts and Culture.