Gallery Night Providence Tours start from the Regency Plaza at One Regency Plaza and travel to
over 20 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites.
Guided tours begin at 5:30 and leave every 20 minutes. The final art bus of the evening leaves at 7:00pm.

Every Gallery Night features a Collector’s Tour. On this tour you’ll meet everyday art lovers who love to collect. Catch their enthusiasm about the art they discover and the artists they meet.

Gallery Night Guides are present on every bus tour. Knowledgeable, often artists themselves, they are here to answer your questions and make your Gallery Night experience a memorable one!


Please join us in welcoming these new galleries to our organization this year:
 The Handicraft ClubInner Space Outsider Art Gallery @ Share Space, Silvershell GallerySprout RIJ Schatz and Gather! 


Rebecca Flores (Therapeutic Artist/Poet) – 5:30 Tour
This tour will be given in Spanish (Este recorrido es en español)

Jennifer Huntley Corbin (Collector + Blogger) – 6:10 Collector’s Tour

Madolin Maxey (Artist) – 6:30 Tour


Peter Miller Fine Art
The Handicraft Club


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20 galleries open their doors each month – there is so much to see!

Contemporary, traditional, artisan or museum! We’ve got it all. Take a peek at our members to get a taste for what we offer!

Collector’s Tour

Meet everyday art lovers who love to collect. Surrounding themselves with the art they love, collectors dive in head first, visiting galleries and artists’ studios.  Listen as they tell stories of their collecting adventures and personal discoveries.  Catch their enthusiasm about the art they discover and the artists they meet.

Jennifer Huntley Corbin, Food Blogger, will be leading the Collectors’ Tour in September.

Celebrity Guides

Gallery Night offers free, carefully curated guided tours every third Thursday from March to November.

Special guests guiding this month’s tours!

  • celeb_flores_2

    Rebecca Flores leads 5:30 Celebrity Tour (in Spanish)

    This tour will be given in Spanish (Este recorrido es en español)

    Artist Statement

    The images I create are a therapeutic process of art making revealing stories with spiritual truth of how our lives can manifest into what we truly believe in. The nature of change can exist through the arts in any shape or form. Art conveys acceptance and the willing to raise awareness to one’s spiritual being by using methods creative to the eye that spells out and articulates in detail how the world is; what is taking place and how we as a society still need further evidence of expression through the world of painting and poetry in order to notice the significance of trust, hope and belief.

    Rebecca Flores Biography

    Rebecca Flores is one of the most prominent and leading influences of our time. Acknowledged as a woman with vitality, Rebecca is a business consultant, renowned artist, internationally acclaimed novelist, poet, speaker, educationalist, producer and TV personality who has been an artist for most of her life and gallery owner. For years people have been collecting her art and used these sales as a means for charity fundraising.

    She is of Puerto Rican ethnicity and was born on June 18, 1957, in New York City, raised in the South Bronx and is the oldest of 8 children. Rebecca considers herself a Nuyorican artist and poet. She remembers living through the artistic expressive sounds of dance moves and tunes of the hip hop era, salsa era, the spoken word, along with graffiti art and writing during the 70s and up to the mid 80s at a time when Puerto Rican migration and movement was materializing steadily. She witnessed how the transformation in neighborhoods characterized the exertions of cultures to preserve their significance and value. In spite of this, she took in consideration the mayhem of perseverance and respect over the years that came with independence and those who wrote about it, including both her parents – being poets themselves, her father – an artist, and how this did not stop them from surviving.

    At age 10, Rebecca had an affinity for painting and writing compositions that won her first award in writing in elementary school. As a young girl growing up poor in the South Bronx she had dreams and a fascination for the arts, although she helped raise her siblings, she still kept her passion alive. She knew in her heart that one day her love for painting, poetry and speaking along with her other talents would later be the Spiritual highlights of her foundation.

    In 2001, 2002 and 2003, Rebecca exhibited her art and was a speaker at the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce during Business Med Week in Providence. In the same year, she was warded the Community Merit Award for her community participation in the arts at the Providence State House, where Senator Patrick Kennedy and other community leaders presented her with numerous accolades. Her daughter Natasha Love, recited the Star Spangled Banner.

    The following year after the loss of her father she wrote, illustrated and self-published her first book, Elements of Life – Elements de Vida. Later, Rebecca was involved with the Rhode Island School of Design Art Committee, writing for the schools’ Museum’s Hispanic photography exhibition, which entailed speaking on behalf of the Latino artist and interpreting for the artist. During that time she joined the Writer’s Circle, and the Women’s Guild. Shortly after, an opportunity for hosting television came to play.

    Rebecca now broadcasts and produces her own TV program on Public Education and Government (PEG), Rhode Island Stations. In 2007, she was a guest art exhibitor and speaker for The Girls Inc., at the Latina & Empowering Symposium, in Hartford, Connecticut and also the Guest Artist/Speaker at the Connecticut State University, in Hartford. Rebecca also had the privilege to exhibit her art, speak and recite her spoken word poetry at The Community Renewal Team, Inc, Hartford, CT., for “Grandmothers Raising Children Again” and for Johnson and Wales University for the Latino Business Networking Evening Event in Providence. She also performed her spoken word poetry at the Rhode Island Black Repertory Theatre entitled “An Evening with Rebecca.”

    Since the loss of her daughter in 2008, Rebecca’s art and language, and measures of life continue to arouse our spirits, essence and the vitality of our mind by energizing, healing our heart and soul in a therapeutic form. 2010, was a year of greatness when she received a call from Daniel Padilla, the Executive Director of the Francisco Oller Museo de Arte, Bayamon, Puerto Rico who asked her to come and exhibit her work and speak to the Scholars on violence and education. She was greeted by dignitaries and received applauds from the people of her heritage with a ribbon cutting ceremony that took place in her honor with her son Joshua Elijah, after her uplifting speech of the tragic loss of her daughter and how her son controls her life with his blessing, strength and courage.

    Ms. Flores continues exhibiting her art and speaks to the world with her spirituality. Her aim in life is to inspire every age especially the younger generation to embrace life and realize that they can account for its change in an expressive manner and belief.

    Currently, Rebecca is studying voraciously, mastering her degree in art therapy, mentoring high school students and working with women and underprivileged youth as a Therapeutic Artist and Poet in hopes of improving and enhancing physical, emotional, social and psychological awareness. She is surrounding herself with knowledge and wisdom in the area of her culture on Puerto Rican Literature.

  • celeb_Corbin

    Jennifer Huntley Corbin leads 6:10 Collector’s Tour

    Jennifer is a collector of many forms of art, usually works by people she knows, many of them local.  She is also the author of the popular RI blog “Jenn’s Dish.” Follow her on FaceBook too. Guests on Jenn’s tour will be treated to her many stories of meeting artists and growing her passion for collecting and living with original works of art.

    It is no surprise that the focus of her blog is food, so followers that visit on Gallery Night will gain new insight about this Providence-based blog-ista.

    In her own words:

    “With a passion for shopping, cooking and eating local, sustainable and seasonable foods, I strive to share that passion with others in person, on the radio and in videos. I created “Jen’s Dish” to promote the culinary traditions of New England and to support local specialty food producers, farmers, fishermen and restaurants. Guests on the “Jen’s Dish” radio show have included, Derek Wagner, chef-owner of Nick’s on Broadway in Providence, Jennifer Hess of Last Night’s Dinner, Millie Pezzilo of Millie’s Soups and Ruth Reichl, Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet Magazine.

    “A Native New Englander, I have been in the food and restaurant business in various capacities since I was 14. I attended Emerson College in Boston, MA and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Theater.”

  • celeb_Maxey3

    Madolin Maxey leads 6:30 Celebrity Tour

    Madolin Maxey was born in Papenoo, Tahiti, and raised in Vanuatu where she learned to make baskets of fish bones and pandanus leaves. When she was age eight, her family set sail for New Guinea and Samoa where they began a study of the Indonesian rhino. As a teen-ager, Madolin took off alone to sketch seashells and sea snakes near Osakikami-shima in the Sea of Japan. Winters were spent working on a Maui flower farm on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in the Hawaiian Islands.

    Her wanderings took her south in search of the Giant Squid in the waters of New Zealand and west to Africa in search of wild apes and pygmy elephants. She has spent countless years sailing among the blue whales off the coast of Baha California. She married a European scientist specializing in Fluid Flows and produced an interesting and beautiful daughter.

    It is difficult to determine the accuracy of these facts, but we do know Madolin Maxey spent much of her youth in Washington, DC, with long weekends exploring the halls of the Smithsonian Institution museums and was indeed named after her grandmother, Madolin Smithson. Her adult life finds her revisiting the actual lands of her imagination and returning with stories told through painting and sculpture. Visit to see her colorful visions.

2016 Gallery Map

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Gallery Night Guides 2016

In addition to our Celebrity and Collector Guides, Gallery Night Providence has Staff Guides on every bus tour.
Many of them are artists themselves and are great sources of information for Gallery Night visitors. [More]

Judi Dill - Gallery Night Guide


Ted DiLucia - Gallery Night Guide


Cathren Housley - Gallery Night Guide


John Hunter Housley - Gallery Night Guide


Lucia Huntley - Gallery Night Guide



  • celeb_kerrymurphy4


    KERRY MURPHY is an artist and art educator.  She works at Johnston Senior High School where she serves as Co-Chair of the Fine Arts Department.  After serving as Gallery Night’s Fundraising Committee Chair from 2013-14, Kerry joined us as President of the 2015-16 Gallery Night board.

  • uri_steven

    Vice President

    STEVEN PENNELL is the URI Providence Campus Coordinator of Urban Arts and Culture. He steps up as Vice President of the Gallery Night board for 2016.

  • treasurer


    DALILA ALVES is the Treasurer of the Gallery Night Providence Board 2016. Many thanks for her previous tenure as President of GNP.

  • deb_clemons


    DEBORAH CLEMONS is an educator at the RISD Museum. She develops opportunities for adult learning that emphasize artistic process and connects with the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions. She continues her role as secretary on Gallery Night’s board for 2016.


It definitely takes a village to run Gallery Night Providence.

Lisa Ramos - Gallery Night Coordinator

Gallery Night Coordinator

Richard Bradley Social Media Specialist Celebrity Guide Coordinator

Social Media Specialist
Celebrity Guide Coordinator

A. Michelle Webmaster


Lisa Ramos, a RISD graduate (BFA Illustration), is the Coordinator for Gallery Night. She has over 20 years of experience in design, directing and developing products for global brands. Lisa continues to explore her love for design. From working in design houses that opened in the 1930s and 40s I learned many of the old and lost techniques from some of the industries “old timers”.  Today I’m a 10+ year veteran jewelry designer who enjoys inspiring others as well as exploring my own creative venues. A. Michelle has been the webmaster for Gallery Night Providence since 2007. Her firm, Big Noise, co-founded with Al Gomes has been exposing emerging and established recording artists to the world for over 20 years.


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How to!

How to do Gallery Night? Start from our info center at One Regency Plaza and travel to 23 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites. Guided tours begin at 5:30 and leave every 20 minutes. The final artbus of the evening leaves at 7:00pm. Whether you take one of our free bus tours , drive, bike or walk – you’re bound to have a wonderful art-filled evening!


Theme-dedicated, guided bus tours leave at 5:30, 5:50, 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00 pm. Tours stop at approximately 4 galleries each and run about 2 hours. Limited free parking available at the Regency on Gallery Night. On-street parking is available.


Stop at our info center at One Regency Plaza and learn about the evening’s events and exhibitions. Choose what interests you most and drive directly to the galleries of your choice.


Park at any one of the many parking lots situated conveniently throughout the city and stroll from gallery to gallery, enjoying the Providence skyline and the historic city streets. Use the brochure maps to discover all the artistic amenities within walking distance.